is seizing its operations effective 11/4/2022.
Unfortunately; Usercord Corp and its affiliates have decided to pull the plug on, a 24/7 live music network.

Dear Listeners,

During our time working on, we've accomplished an array of things; like creating our 4 live internet radio stations. We first debuted with Pop X, Hits, and Lo-Fi, and brought an exciting twist to Country with Lone Star Country Hits.Our Discord Bot, with its companion intuitive dashboard, and our Premium Subscription Service, were loved by over 350 Discord Guilds.To say wasn't a success would be kidding ourselves; it was a major success for what we were trying to accomplish at Usercord Corp, by offering an innovative Online Radio Experience. From this, we can confidently say that isn't our last take in bringing innovative music to every speaker. It's only the beginning of the entertainment sector of our business.We have so much more to share in the coming future, regarding our projects and continued focus on pioneering creativity for everyone.With that, we say farewell,

Warm Regards,
Usercord Corp Public Relations

Pop X
Pop X

4 Genres - 24/7 Live Music

With - you can experience 4 of our curated 24/7 live music streams on your Discord Guild, and Smart Home enabled devices wherever you are!*

Alexa Addon

Amazon Alexa Skill to listen to's Stations on your Alexa Enabled Device, you can listen to all of the best from all of our live 24/7 music streams, just using your voice, anywhere you are!

Bot Panel

We offer a custom-built bot panel with the Discord Bot, which you can use to change different stations, purchase premium, add the bot to your guild and so much more!**

Discord Bot

Use our Discord Bot to listen to's Stations on your Discord Guild, you can listen to all of the best from all of our live 24/7 music streams, with your friends & community!

Experience Music Forever with Discord Bot Plans


$0.00's Fully Featured Discord Bot & Smart Home enabled addons are completely free to use and community supported.



Want to play multiple streams at once? Upgrade to premium! With premium, you can invite multiple bots into your guild and play multiple streams at the same time in multiple channels.


Want to partner up with our curating team to integrate your brand into's Live Music Streams? We're open to offers! Let's start talking about it today.

*Requires an internet connection in order to listen to's Live Music Streams. **Currently the Bot Panel feature is only available for the Discord Bot. Premium is a paid subscription.System Status Changelog

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